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SHEDCrash.jpg GospelChops Cymbals 18" SHED Crash SHED18 $189.95

Designed with versatile players in mind, the 18-inch SHED Crash works well as a main or secondary crash cymbal. With dark, low-end response and much volume potential the highly responsive SHED Crash is always musical even when played loudly. The cymbal is thin, weighing in at 1240grams and provides a crisp, resonant tone. When describing the SHED Crash, drummers often use the words "punchy" and "musical." This is the perfect warm, full-bodied crash with a slight trashy tone for gospel, fusion and rock drummers. LIST PRICE: $239.00

ssv1cover.jpg Shed Sessionz Vol. 1 (DVD) SSV1 $19.95

SHED SESSIONZ VOL. 1... This is the groundbreaking release that began a new era in drumming. This DVD features exciting young drummers in unrehearsed sessions showcasing their amazing speed, agility, and proficiency on the drumkit. Features: Thomas Pridgen, Tony Royster Jr., Eric Moore II, Joey Oscar, Jeremy Haynes, and more!! This special edition also includes a previously unreleased scene featuring Thomas Pridgen and Tony Royster Jr. trading phrases in a historic musical conversation.

ssv2cover.jpg Shed Sessionz Vol. 2 (DVD) SSV2 $19.95

This second edition to the flagships series from Gospelchops.com features a two-disc set full of multicamera scenes that will fill your hunger for monster drumming. Features Nikki Glaspie (Beyonce), Ronald Bruner Jr. (Stanley Clarke, MD Festival '06), Doobie Powell, and Dave Elitch along with a fresh crop of young gospel musicians that will wow you from beginning to end. This epic release also includes instructional clips, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the hottest drummers in the country.

BSV1.jpg Bass Sessionz Vol. 1 (DVD) BSV1 $19.95

Bass Sessionz Vol. 1 is an exciting display of masterful bass technique by some of the the hottest players in gospel and jazz. Includes over 3 hours of original solos, duets, sheds, instructional lessons, and exclusive interviews. Features: Andrew Gouche, Janek Gwizdala, Damian Erskine, Robert "Bubby" Lewis, Justin Raines, Jon Reshard, Dywane Thomas, Anthony Nembhard, Hadrien Feraud. Special guest appearances by John Beasley, Michael Tobias of MTD, and legendary jazz drummer, Peter Erskine!

193rscopy.jpg Bass Sessionz Vol. 2 (DVD) BSV2 $19.95

A video collection of exciting bass performances featuring four master bassists: Mark Peric (Planetshakers), Anthony Crawford (Allan Holdsworth), Brandon Brown (The Jacksons Tour, Jessica Simpson) & Joshua Young. Classic bass improvisation that will excite and inspire bassists of all levels. Disc includes interviews and bass lessons. 90 minutes

SHEDSplash.jpg GospelChops Cymbals 10" SHED Splash SHED10 $89.95

The perfect splash cymbal for gospel and R&B drummers! The 10" SHED Splash provides a bright and piercing attack with a very quick decay. Mid-range pitch a lot of body, SHED Splash sounds great on its own or in a cymbal stack. LIST PRICE: $119.00

SHEDRide.jpg GospelChops Cymbals 24" SHED Ride SHED24 $299.95

This is the ideal multi-purpose ride! Its 24" diameter gives it a huge presence on any size setup. Clean stick articulation and a bright hammered bell balance with rich dark undertones. The SHED Ride can also be used for warm crashes. Thinner weight provides a lower pitch with better crash sounds. LIST PRICE: $396.00

SHED Pack.jpg SHED Cymbal Pack SHEDPAK $549.95

The SHED Pack is the ultimate cymbal package for serious drummers. Complete your drum kit with 3 custom hand-hammered cymbals designed to handle any musical genre. Package includes one 24" SHED Ride, one 18" SHED Crash, and the highly popular 10" SHED Splash! Save $30 by ordering all three in the SHED PACK.

RAW.jpg GospelChops Cymbals12-inch RAW Splash RAW12 $99.95

This visually stunning splash cymbal is unlathed, providing a very dry and "RAW" sounding blast. Affectionately dubbed "Nefertiti," this straight from the oven look adds character to any drum kit. Twelve inches of raw attitude and earthly passion.

Hats.jpg GospelChops Cymbals 15-inch SHED Hi-Hats SHEDHATS $359.95
Resurrection.jpg GospelChops Cymbals 19-inch Resurrection Crash Resurrection19 $259.95

Affectionately named the Resurrection Crash referring to holes in his hands, holes in his feet, and holes in his side, this 19-inch beast will bring your drum kit back to life! Open and airy with a smooth decay, this FX crash adds a very unique flavor to your cymbal palette. Fast attack with a trashy bite!

i-76qn4Nv.jpg Boswell & Figg (DVD) bozfig $19.95

Boswell & Figg is a true story of two amazing drummers pursuing their musical dreams of becoming the best at their craft. Their narrative is told through a series of exclusive interviews, but the true story lies in their awesome music performances. 3 hours of unbelievable drum solos and plenty of shedding! Brought to you as only GospelChops can do it!