GospelChops Announces Free Music Promotion For Unsigned Gospel Artists

Are you an independent gospel singer struggling to get your music noticed among the clutter of new music on the internet? Are you dissatisfied with your SoundCloud results? GospelChops is now offering free promotion of your song (audio only) to its YouTube audience of more than 90,000 gospel musicians and gospel music lovers!

Free music promotion? How do I sign up?

Submit your music for consideration to: music@gospelchops.com. If your song is approved it will be uploaded in audio form to the GospelChops YouTube channel and introduced to our audience. It’s that easy! Links to your website and social media accounts will be included in the description so people who like your music can follow you on all platforms.

What’s the catch?

There is no trickery here. GospelChops hosts a monetized channel on YouTube, therefore, in exchange for promoting your professional music, you authorize GospelChops to play your music where advertisements will be displayed. There is absolutely no cost to you.

Who should use this service?

Any unsigned artist in the gospel music genre, including Traditional Gospel, Contemporary Gospel, Christian Contemporary, Gospel Jazz, Neo Soul Gospel, Gospel Rap, ect. If it’s churchy and you want it to be heard, this promotion is for you.

I’m in! What should I send?

– Always include a stream. Private Soundcloud sharing links are ideal for this.

– Only send finished material. No work-in-progress tracks. Make sure everything is properly mixed and mastered.

– Only send material to which you own all the rights. No unofficial remixes, bootlegs or tracks with uncleared samples.

– Always include a download link. Either enable ‘download’ on your SoundCloud upload and mention that you’ve done so in your email, or add a download link from a trusted host like Dropbox or Google drive.

  • include all the relevant information in the description of the private Soundcloud upload, including the release description (press text), private download links, public download / purchase links (which will be active on release day) and the social media links of the artist.

– Email correspondence should include a statement the you are the sole owner of the submitted music and you authorize GospelChops to publish the submission on its YouTube channel.

Here’s a sample email submission:

“Hello GospelChops,

Here’s my new track ‘Feel The Beat’. It’s coming out on Spinning Records on October 1st as a free download.

Release description + Artwork included in the packs.

Stream: http://www.sc.com/h3439423n
Private MP3 Pack: http://www.dropbox.com/juh349h
Private WAV Pack: http://www.dropbox.com/j39jire9h

Public Download Link: http://bit.ly/i4gh2123d
Beatport: http://bit.ly/i89use

You have full permission to upload and monetize these tracks, as long as you include my social media links and the download and buy links. It’s under upload embargo until October 1st. Please feel free to upload it then.

Hope you like the tunes. Would mean a lot if you support them!


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