GospelChops Makes a Big Splash with New Cymbals

Once again, GospelChops is sending sonic waves across the music industry with the introduction of new cymbals in its “SHED” line. The sizes include the 18-inch SHED Crash, 10-inch SHED Splash, and the monstrous 24-inch SHED Ride.

Each cymbal is hand-hammered with the highest attention to detail, providing quality sound and construction for drummers of all levels.

“The SHED Splash sounds beautiful as a standalone cymbal or in a stack,” says Gerald Forrest, CEO of GospelChops. “It adds a special voice to your kit.”

The SHED Crash is designed to be a main crash for any modern drummer. Hard hitting shed drummers will love its fast attack and bold blast of trashiness. Jazz drummers will appreciate its singing tone and smooth decay.

The SHED Ride is “the beast” in this cymbal set! Its large diameter provides better playability and warmth while giving a consistent tone to match the other SHED sizes. The bell gives a warm “ding” sound and the cymbal is hammered thin enough to be used as a second or third crash option.


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